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Your Agape UCHC Visits

The First Visit

​​ Dr. Herman will meet with you for a consultation and physical examination. Next precise Blair x-rays of the neck will be taken off-site. The x-rays allow her see your cervical spine then to analyze how your vertebrae has misaligned. Then develop a precise upper cervical correction customized to your neck. This visit typically takes about one to two hours​.


The goal of Dr. Herman is for your neck correction to hold as long as possible as that will allow you to see results quickly and heal as fast as possible.


​On subsequent visits you may or may not need an upper cervical correction (adjustment). Dr. Herman is able to determine when a correction is needed by performing leg checks, range of motion tests, and a neck scan with a heat reading instrument.

The Second Visit​

On your second visit the first thing that will take place is a review of  the x-rays with Dr. Herman and report of her findings.

After a detailed explanation you will be taken to the Tytron station. This heat scan of the neck area is one of the objective tests that are utilized by Dr. Herman and  palpation of your neck . Next you will be placed on the adjusting table and given a series of leg tests.

The First Correction​

A Head - Neck Misalignment/Subluxation often results in  Body Imbalance

The typical  second office visit with Dr. Herman will take approximately 1.5 hours because this is when the first Blair adjustment is normally given.

After  Dr. Herman reviews the heat scan, motion palpation of your neck, you will then be taken to the adjusting table and given the series of leg checks to further evaluate your alignment and determine your body's specific neurological pattern.


Then Dr. Herman will administer a Blair upper cervical correction specific to your subluxation on the side adjustment table. This table is low to the ground and allows the doctor to have a biomechanical advantage in making these precise corrections. The adjustment is quick and gentle. The neck is never twisted or manipulated.

After having a Blair correction you will be taken to the resting room.  A 30 min to 1 hour resting period is essential after a Blair correction. The rest allows the body to re-gain control of the position of the corrected vertebra and to help maintain the upper cervical correction.

A Head-Neck Misalignment/Subluxation Interferes with Brain-to-Body Communication 
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